Endirim kampaniyasının bitmə tarixi: 10 yanvar 2023
Mağaza ünvanı: Ş. Mehdiyev 273e (xəritədə bax)

AEG CLG330-K Three Green Line Laser + Plumb Down

AEG CLG330-K Three Green Line Laser + Plumb Down has the following features:

  • Projects one bright horizontal line, two bright vertical lines at 90° and a plumb down. All lines can be activated individually or simultaneously
  • Green Laser technology improves visibility by 4 times in all light conditions, is ideal for all job sites
  • Working range up to 30M
  • The two vertical lines cross in the ceiling and are aligned with the plumb down, this is ideal for transferring points from the floor to ceiling
  • Accurate to ± 0.2mm/m
  • Compact design and IP 54 rated with robust rubber overmold protects the housing
  • Sturdy rotary magnetic wall mount enabling use in metallic surfaces and which can be fixed to any other surface through a hang hole is included
  • Green target plate improves visibility of the laser beam at long distances
  • ON/OFF Switch with pendulum lock for secure transportation
  • Activate each individual line using the top buttons when the laser is switched OFF/lock
  • ¼″thread for tripod mounting

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