Endirim kampaniyasının bitmə tarixi: 10 yanvar 2023
Mağaza ünvanı: Ş. Mehdiyev 273e (xəritədə bax)

Fluke 805 – Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter Fluke 805 is the most dependable vibration screening device available for frontline mechanical troubleshooting teams that require repeatable, severity-scaled readings of overall vibration and bearing condition

  • Reliable, repeatable, accurate device for checking bearings and overall vibration
  • Features innovative sensor design that reduces measurement variations caused by device angle or contact pressure
  • Provides consistent data quality at both low and high frequency ranges
  • To assess urgency of problems and bearing condition, four-level severity scale is offered

Fluke 805 - Vibration Meter məhsulu ilə əlaqəli kəlimələr · Fluke