Endirim kampaniyasının bitmə tarixi: 10 yanvar 2023
Mağaza ünvanı: Ş. Mehdiyev 273e (xəritədə bax)

GOLD MONSTER 1000 Minelab – Metal Detector

Metal detector GOLD MONSTER 1000 minelab VLF (Very Low Frequency) conventional single frequency sine wave continuous transmission technology. This is the traditional type of technology used in most metal detectors. Single-frequency sine wave detectors generate an electromagnetic field transmitted to the ground in a continuous wave. Although the basic method of sending and receiving a signal has not changed, the processing of the received signal has been greatly improved. This proves that the GOLD MONSTER 1000 metal detector is a reliable and easy-to-use technology for finding gold.

• Technology: Ultra wide dynamic range 45kHz VLF
• Detection modes: Gold, all metals in depth. When the gold mode is active, the search for iron is stopped.
• Sensitivity Options: Manual Sensitivity, Auto, Auto+
• Adjustable Volume: 6 volume levels
• Control box waterproof up to 1 meter and rainproof

GOLD MONSTER 1000 Minelab - Metal Detector məhsulu ilə əlaqəli kəlimələr