Endirim kampaniyasının bitmə tarixi: 10 yanvar 2023
Mağaza ünvanı: Ş. Mehdiyev 273e (xəritədə bax)

Wile – Temperature gauge

Temperature gauge Wile helps to measure solid materials such as grain, grass or wood chips. The tip of the 1.5 m probe is made of aluminum and the body is made of fiberglass. The measurement is made with the probe tip (±0.5ºC). The delivery kit includes a 9 V battery.

Note that in the case of compressed hay bales or other items that require significant pushing, it is advisable to use a stronger tool to drill a hole through them before measuring.

  • Measuring range: -15 – +70°C, accuracy ±0.5°C.

Wile - Temperature gauge məhsulu ilə əlaqəli kəlimələr